A new massive community is coming to Clermont’s Wellness Way on Hancock Road

The largest of several new communities coming to Clermont’s Wellness Way will be the massive 743 acre South Lake Crossings which is approved for 1850 homes.  This community will be located north of the Olympus Project along the future Hancock Road extension.  The new road, Wellness Way, will run through the heart of the community and it appears will connect to Horizon West’s extension of New Independence Parkway.  

The location of South Lake Crossings is shown above in our custom map of the Wellness Way area showing all of the new communities, new commercial, and new roads coming to the area.
This map is still a work in progress, if you’d like a sneak preview let us know in the comment box below.

While the residential part of the community is approved for 1850 homes on 469 acres, it also includes over 100 acres dedicated to an employment district, which could be a mix of offices, commercial, and possibly even more residential development such as apartments.  There is also 18 acres dedicated for neighborhood commercial uses which could be grocery and other retail.  Plans also show a possible new school or schools in the area.  

As far as the 1850 residential units, it will likely be a mix of single family homes and townhomes with lot sizes ranging from 18 feet wide for townhomes up to 70 feet wide for the larger single family homes.  This may be split up amongst multiple communities with some being gated.  There will likely be a mix of front load and alley access garage homes.  The builders “Next Gen” floorplans will also be available in this community which have a guest suite with a separate entrance, kitchen, and living area.  The community also has a 10 acre site dedicated to a clubhouse and amenity center.  

A large development like this takes time to come to fruition but we will likely see dirt moving soon as the first few puzzle pieces start coming together.  The first community in Wellness Way, Ridgeview, is already selling with over 100 homes competed or under construction. There is also a new 341 home community coming on Trout Lake in this area. If you would like to stay up to day on new developments on this and surrounding areas then be sure to leave your information in the form below. 

6 thoughts on “A new massive community is coming to Clermont’s Wellness Way on Hancock Road

  1. Next gen is absolutely the very worst if you are looking to purchase a home for you and your family. Lennar sold the same model in Sawgrass Bay, touting it as an in-law’s quarter, only to sell the majority of those homes to LLC’s and management companies, that have rented most of those houses. What was once a nice community is now an embarrassment when you drive through the area Lennar had. Beware!

    1. Hi Francois, so it sounds like maybe the Next Gen isn’t the worst, but the way it’s being used? Does the HOA at Sawgrass Bay no hav e a restriction against renting these duplex style?

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