The berries are sweet on this Lake County Farm with something to offer for everyone

If you’ve never been to Southern Hill Farms we HIGHLY recommend adding to your to-do list! It is the perfect weekend adventure for kids and adults alike.  Southern Hill Farms is located on Schofield Road between Clermont and Winter Garden near the Orange County border.  Schofield Road has been a dirt road for many years but is currently in the process of being paved.  There is currently a detour down 5 Mile Rd (also dirt) while most of the Lake County side of Schofield Rd is paved.  Once this portion is completed and work begins on the Orange County side, access to the farm may be a bit tougher coming from Orange County but Lake County residents will have quick access from the newly paved road.  There is a ton of new development planned throughout this area which we will be writing about in future posts.  For now, let’s get back to the farm.  

Southern Hill Farms is known for their amazing and friendly staff! Getting greeted with a “Hello welcome to Southern Hill Farms!” and a huge smile as soon as you walk in.  The farm features u-pick for various fruits and veggies throughout the year.  The best part is it’s free to enter during u-pick season so you can just come out and simply enjoy the atmosphere if you want to.  Strawberry season just wrapped up but they are currently in blueberry season so grab a bucket and get to picking! You could even try to make it a competition of who fills their baskets the fastest, but fair warning, it’s tough not to snack along the way!  We are partial to taking your time, enjoying the Florida sun and making sure you are picking the best blueberries to take home! Which reminds us, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen! The sun does tend to beat down on you here so please keep your body protected from the harmful rays!  A wide brim hat is probably a good idea too.  

Someone got caught munching berries in the field…at least he remembered his wide brim hat!

The farm has the blueberry layout posted all over to know where the sweetest blueberries are to pick as there are a few different varieties. You can ask around when you’re there to see which zone the staff thinks has the best blueberries. Once you grab a bucket you are free to roam the rows and fill up your bucket with as many blueberries as it can hold.  Current pricing for U-pick is $4 per pound and if you’re short on time they do have prepicked berries for $5 per pound.  At the end you weigh your bucket and pay, then you’re free to grab a table (and maybe an adult beverage if you so choose) and snack away.  

U-pick peach season just started as well so we will be sure to visit again soon.  The blueberries are some of the best we’ve ever had so we can only imagine how good the peaches are!  

The Osbon Family among the peach trees.

You can also pick your own flowers such as HUGE sunflowers and zinnias.  These are also U-pick style but you do have to pay a separate admission to enter the flower fields.  Throughout the year the farm also offers special entry sessions where professional photographers can come out and take family portraits in these flower fields.  

Southern Hill Farms changes by season so check their website to see the goodies they have in season! In addition to u-pick fruits and veggies the farm also has a kids area with carnival rides, games, bounce houses, and more.  The kids area is an add-on cost during U-pick but is included during the times of year when the farm has paid admission such as in the fall and winter around special events.  Other things you can find one the farm are various places to pick up a beverage of choice or something to eat, including food truck vendors on busier weekends. The farm is also well known for their fresh baked goods and home made drinks. We highly recommend checking out their specialty blueberry lemonade!

There’s also a farm store where you can pick up a smore pack and make your own smores while sitting around the fire pits (you may want to save that for the cooler parts of the year).  You can also find cornhole games and a second story terrace patio with sweeping views of the farm.  Overall Southern Hill Farms makes for a very cool hangout spot with various activities for kids of all ages as well as those of us young at heart.  For more information you can learn all about the farm on their website here. If you would like to follow our blog or get more information on living in Lake County, be sure to fill out our contact form below! 

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